Life Coaching doesn't teach you how to live :) It helps you set goals and achieve them.

You discover obstacles and challenges, get the needed tools and techniques to overcome them, unleash your full potential and reach your desired results.

Life coaching will help you identify your goals, build a strategic plan for the future growth and self-development, get rid of limiting beliefs and fears, get a better job, get promotions, improve financial state, get work-life balance, improve communication skills and relationships, find your passion in life, start a business  

Personal Life Coaching

A healthy lifestyle is fundamental for transforming a life for better as it helps feel amazing, younger, and it gives a lot of energy which is essential for positive changes. Healthy lifestyle coaching isn’t not only about a diet. Probably you have heard about dozens of healthy diets but this didn’t help you live a healthy lifestyle due to some bad habits that have been built for years. And this is the case when a life coach can help you more efficiently than a nutritionist because a life coach will work on your bad habits, motivation, setting the right goals, a healthy nutrition diet, doing some sport activities, and adopting a healthy positive thinking.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

In high-performance coaching, we have a program that consists of 12 sessions built in a specific way to increase your clarity, energy, courage for stepping up in life, efficiency, and influence you have on people.


The high-performance coaching helps you manage your time, energy, and resources better, keep the right focus on the top-priority things. It is hard to succeed without putting efforts in a smart way, and stop wasting time and losing focus.

High-performance coaching will improve your results in all spheres of life at the same time without exception. It will make you stop and think before you put your time into something: Is this something that I really enjoy and need now? It is one of the most transforming and effective type of coaching.

High-Performance Coaching

Transformational Coaching helps transform clients’ lives by transforming the way they see themselves, their perceptions about themselves and their limitations.

Transformational coaching addresses all types of problems, from relationship problems to career problems to financial problems, and bad habits, negative self-images, bad attitudes, and negative beliefs and limitations that hold clients back. It’s important to focus on positive talents and abilities, new skills that will build up a stronger personality.

Transformational Coaching

A career takes the biggest part of our lives that’s why I think this is the top-priority sphere for being improved. Just imagine how much happier you’d become if your job is your passion if you forget about the time when you are working, and you feel complete because you have found your mission and vocation.

Career Coaching helps you find a better job, switch a career path, find better projects, identify what would be the best job for you, help you get the needed skills for getting it, and eventually get paid better.  

Career Coaching

Initial session is an opportunity to know each other better, ask your questions, and to feel if we could work together well. As a client, it is important to realize your desires, goals, and expectations, and see if a life coach is someone you could trust and feel comfortable around.

A life coach should check if you are the type of client that would benefit from life coaching or you would better need something else at this point of your life.

Initial Session


What results can I expect from a Life Coach?

You can get a lot more with a life coach than you can achieve by yourself, so you can expect improvements in all spheres of your life:

  • setting goals and achieving them

  • professional growth, getting promotions, getting a better job

  • switching your career to your dream-work

  • increased income

  • obtaining work-life balance

  • healthy relationships

  • finding a right partner, starting a family

  • getting a healthier body,  and more energy

  • more free time to enjoy life

  • shaping up

  • starting a new business or growing an existing one

  • becoming more confident

  • improving communication skills

  • developing positive thinking

  • experiencing less stress at work

How will we work?

At first, we’ll have an initial session to talk more about what you would like to achieve and see how we can work together on getting it.

We’ll clarify in detail what is the motivation, the resources for achieving your goal, and what are possible obstacles, barriers and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

Life coaching sessions have a specific and structured format depending on your case. Sometimes a life coach uses specific tools and techniques.

We’ll set an action plan with clear deadlines, and you may get home assignments to continue working on your goal after our session.

Another important thing would be to measure if you are really 100% ready to complete the action plan and make sure that the expected result was achieved during our session.

A life coach will help you stay on track, monitor your progress, and support you. And if your plan needs modification, it’s important to do it on time and move forward and the life coach will help you.

How to find the right coach for me?

  1. A Life Coach should be a certified professional with at least 300 hours of practice to be able to build rapport, follow the structure of the session, assess your current emotional state, monitor your body language, and build a strategy for your constant growth.

  2. A Life Coach should be able to identify the situations when a client should address other specialists like psychologists, and mental health counselors if a client demonstrates any sign of depression. Life coaches don’t work with any type of mental disorders.  

  3. A Life Coach should adhere to the Ethical Code of Conduct for Life Coaches.

  4. A Life Coach should be getting supervision when working as a Life Coach and continue to develop professional skills.

  5. A Life Coach should offer a clear coaching agreement when entering into a contract with a client and offer only services that a Life Coach can provide according to their expertise.

  6. A Life Coach should explain to a client, what coaching is, and what the client can expect in the result of sessions.

  7. A Life Coach should respect the client’s choice to stop a session, terminate a contract, and refuse to answer any question.

  8. A Life Coach should keep confidentiality/privacy.

  9. A Client should feel emotionally comfortable with a Life Coach during sessions.

  10. There should be progress after working with a Life Coach.

How to start working with me?

  1. You are welcome to book an initial session with me by sending me an email at or using the "Contact us" box below.

  2. You can choose a plan that would be most suitable for you: a package of 8 sessions, 12 sessions, or a VIP program.

  3. You’d be offered to sign an agreement before our work.

  4. We’ll start doing life coaching sessions and monitoring your progress.

  5. You are welcome to ask me any questions by sending me an email at

Is it really possible to achieve my goals after a few sessions?

Yes, the needed changes should start coming to your life after a few sessions, otherwise, you should consider why changes aren’t coming and for this, you need to ask yourself these questions:  -Am I committed and follow the plan of actions that was built during sessions? - Is my life coach competent and delivers me what was promised before our work? - What is the real problem that is holding me back?

And it also depends on your goal. If your goal is to gain or to lose weight, it may take a few months to see the changes, the same about starting a new business or changing a job. But the immediate result would be sticking to a plan of action and working hard in the right direction: following a diet, a specific life-style, forming new habits, etc.  

Will I need to hire a Life Coach for years?

Yes and no. Depending on your goals in life – if you only have one specific goal and when you get it, you are completely satisfied, then it’s clear you don’t need a life coach anymore. But practice shows that people come back to life coaches over and over again, to set new goals and succeed again. Definitely, you’ll get a lot more with a life coach in any sphere of your life than if you do it alone. Most of the time, clients have some “breaks” after having achieved the results they wanted, and they come back to a life coach in a while with new desires, perspectives, and challenges.

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