What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a kind of guiding in coaching sessions, where a Life Coach gives you certain questions to target your goals and issues, and provides you with tools that will help you in your problem area.

Will Life Coaching help me?

If you have this question, see below if Life Coaching can be the best solution for you. 

Life Coaching will be the most effective if you have a yes to one of the statements below:

  • I know what I want and I want to get it faster

  • I’m moving slowly towards my dream, there’s always something that stands in my way

  • I don’t know what I want in life, and I’m feeling lost

  • I don’t believe I can thrive in life

  • I often procrastinate and I don’t move forward

  • I wish my relationships with people were better

  • I wish I were more confident about myself

  • I’m too stressed at work and I want to change it

  • I need to find a work-life balance to enjoy my life

  • I need a better job but it looks so hard to get it

  • I want to find what’s I’m passionate about and change my career path

  • I need a plan on how to build my financial freedom, etc.

Life Coaching will definitely move you forward a lot faster comparing to a journey on your own!

What is my working style?

During my practice as a life coach, I have built my own strategy that I follow that gives my clients the best results. I call my strategy "THRIVE":

"T"Transformation. My aim is to help you transform your mind to the state where you think positively, have clarity in any situation and feel your power in it, and you have the tools that you can use to keep moving forward in your life even without my help in the future.

"H"Honesty. Every change starts with an honest estimation and realization of yourself, your strong and weak points, your desires and obstacles. Clients that are honest with themselves are the fastest to succeed. My goal is to create the environment where you’d want to be honest with yourself.

"R"Result. The most important to me is to help you get the result that you want. I make sure that I help you estimate the situation as is, realize your power, find the resources for fixing the issue, help you find the solution, raise your motivation, and help you develop the skills that you need for getting your goal.

"I" Integrity. I do my best to keep the standards of my work high according to my determination and moral principles. My personal motivation is to contribute to this world and make it a better and happier place using my talents, knowledge, and skills.

"V"Value. There should be value in every single session, and I have various tools depending on your request for life coaching, your life situation, and your individuality. There are deep transformational practices that change the way you feel and perceive life situations and problems, or very simple techniques that you can easily do as home assignments

"E"Emotional comfort. It’s important that you feel comfortable during our session. Only this way you can be honest with yourself and make a first step to a transformation. Yet, I’m sorry to say this, but sometimes life coaching feels like poking with sticks because it makes you accept the truth about yourself which may be unpleasant but it’s so useful as it opens the door to a deep transformation.  

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