Meet Nataly

Certified Life Coach & Transformation Expert

I’m a Professional Life Coach, High-Performance Coach, and Transformational Expert.

The certification program that I passed at the International Coaches Union (ICU) is supported by Franklin University (USA), and it trains specialists in individual, team, and transformational coaching.

I passed a variety online programs of leading coaches like Tony Robbins, Timothy Gallwey, Marilyn Atkinson, and Brendon Burchard.

I came into life coaching 7+ years ago as a client at first, which helped me transform my life – I became more confident, got a wonderful job, and then I made a switch in my career following my passion, got rid of many fears and limiting beliefs, and increased my income. All significant changes in my life happened thanks to my amazing life coaches that I worked with. And now, being a life coach myself, I help clients all over the world improve their lives in many spheres, and this makes me happy!


During our sessions, I'll help you set goals with a plan of actions, get new skills that are required for a positive change, transform your mind into positive one, become more confident, change your negative beliefs into positive ones, improve communication with people, improve relationships with partners, adopt healthy life habits, manage your time better which will free up some time, achieve work-life balance, get a better job, and more.

Why am I doing this? Your success helps me feel happier realizing that I’m making the world a better place, that’s why I’ll work my best to help you thrive but you are the key player that makes the difference.  

Life Coaching is my passion because it gives me the knowledge on how to change a person’s life by changing the mindset, and, what’s more important, life coaching gives the needed tools that work in practice. And what I like the most is that you always get a clear plan – what actions should be taken with specific deadlines. This gives certainty and consistency and this is a key to success

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